20 reviews
Oh yes, black Silkies. Recon approved. Also known as Ranger Panties to our Army Ranger brothers.  These bad boys are 1776% GUARANTEED to knock 5 minutes off your run time.  
18 Reviews
We're bringing OD Green Silkies back to their original Glory. Soft and silky smooth.  Like they were in the Old Corps...when all we had were iron sights and a pair of our trusty Daisy Dukes of Freedom. Rah. 
448 reviews
  American Flag Silkies"I bought a pair for my 4th of July party, thinking it would be fun gag shorts. Little did I know. I pulled it out of the box and immediately sank to my knees and wept tears of pure joy, and by "pure joy" I mean "pure...
21 reviews
"Semper Silkies are freedom. Freedom from tyranny and underwear. Let your legs and bits be free!"
There's nothing more romantic than dropping your pants (why would you even be wearing pants?!) and showing off a pair of Kiss Me Silkies!  Also known as Valentine's Day Silkies
42 reviews
Look who creeping, look who crawling, still balling in the mix, it’s them Rhodesian Brushstroke silkies pullin’ tricks and lookin’ slick.
3 Reviews
"Silkies were a way of life in the old Corps. I'm forever thankful that this online community exists to carry on the tradition and community of the great green silk. This page is as smooth and comfortable as the sweet caress of ghost tiny shorts. #SkysOutThighsOut"
2 Reviews
"It's like a CLOUD....around your ballbag... Thank you Untied Status Marin Crops for the all mighty SILKIES ❤️❤️💪💪💪💪🍺🍺🍺
6 Reviews
You think anyone wants to catch a roundhouse while you’re wearing these bad boys? That’s a Texas sized no there, good buddy. These Pink Camo Silkies sell themselves The perfect Silkies for Breast Cancer Awareness month.
13 Reviews
What's more patriotic than slapping on some Daisy Dukes of Freedom and letting your legs catch some rays?
15 Reviews
Flex your right to bear thighs with the shorts heard 'round the world! Just as the founding squatters intended...
32 reviews
Lace up with these murdery ass aloha silkies for those sunny days. Grab this design on a shirt > Aloha MK17 Shirt
23 reviews
Lace up with these murdery ass aloha silkies for those sunny days. Grab this design on a shirt > Aloha MK18 Shirt
26 Reviews
Lace up with these murdery ass aloha silkies for those sunny days. Grab this design on a shirt > Aloha M67 Shirt
7 reviews
"Since buying these silkies: I have been invited to sing national anthems at baseball games. People have stopped treading on me. Women address me as Mr. Theodore Abraham Washington, the LXIX before throwing themselves at my feet (which generally hover above the ground). I can drink 16 oz of Budweiser out of...

Giving back

A portion of every pair of Semper Silkies sold gets donated to charity. We proudly partner with the following charities:


Semper silkies, the official headquarters of silkies. the world’s most versatile shorts. Stuff of marine legend and army lore. Known as catch-me-f*ck-me’s, silky sweets, Action Pants, ranger panties, daisy dukes of freedom, and many more adoring names by service members. Semper silkies is more than the most amazing pair of shorts ever to exist. Semper silkies is a community. A community where everybody wears the most amazing pair of shorts ever to exist! But be careful, silky fans, it has been said that if you cut the liner out of your silkies, you will tear a hole in the space-time continuum. So now go enjoy your silkies my silky friends. . . But keep in mind, you want them snug. So if they fit, go down a size!

Shipment Explanation

This item is special. Like you! We have so many designs that we can only keep a handful in stock. So special items like this are only made when you purchase them. Trust us, it's worth the wait!


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