16 reviews
Lace up with these murdery ass aloha silkies for those sunny days. AKA Hawaiian Silkies.
9 reviews
These silkies are for the silent majority--those patriotic Americans that don't constantly brag about climbing mountains or running marathons. Because waving the flag is the only cardio you need!
14 reviews
Moons Out Goons Out.
12 reviews
Thick thighs? Check. Bulge? Check. Maximum freedom intensified? YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT!
13 reviews
Lace up with these murdery ass aloha silkies for those sunny days. AKA Hawaiian Silkies
10 reviews
Mission Essential Gear company meets Call of Duty.  Derived from a zoologist and a painter, we bring you... Red Tiger Stripe camo. 
8 reviews
Short? Yup! Silky? Yup! Ready to show your glorious thighs from sea to shining sea? DAMN RIGHT!
6 reviews
 We stand alone together.  #StayDangerous
8 reviews
Toss out the Santa suit, kick over the table of cookies, get these Christmas Silkies on and celebrate in style. 
5 reviews
"Unreal Tree: Mattis Silkies; it's like angels are following you around and cupping your junk to keep it in place for you. As close to heaven as you will ever feel."
3 reviews
There's nothing more romantic than dropping your pants (why would you even be wearing pants?!) and showing off a pair of Kiss Me Silkies!  Also known as Valentine's Day Silkies
9 reviews
You think anyone wants to catch a roundhouse while you’re wearing these bad boys? That’s a Texas sized no there, good buddy. These Pink Camo Silkies sell themselves. The perfect Silkies for Breast Cancer Awareness month.


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This item is special. Like you! We have so many designs that we can only keep a handful in stock. So special items like this are only made when you purchase them. Trust us, it's worth the wait!


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