About Us

Shawn Wylde - Founder

- Shawn’s family has served in the Marine Corps for 4 generations. After barely making it into the Marines, and then barely making it out of the Marines, he received an honorable discharge and started 6 leading eCommerce businesses that focus on bringing humor and charity to both military and civilian communities. He also drives a Delorean and is best known for creating this famous image of Saint Mattis (signed by the legend himself).

A. T. - Chief Executive Officer

- After doing 6 years in the United States Navy as a Seabee and doing two tours in Afghanistan, Alex decided the military life directly conflicted with his passion to create memes for a living. Quickly realizing that memes can only take you so far, Alex went back to school to complete his MBA. As his wise Korean Vet Grandfather once said, “if you’re going to be homeless, better to be homeless with a few degrees”.

Donny D - Chief Operations Officer

- Donny cut his teeth as a Naval Special Warfare officer back when the West was still wild. He now spends his time using the G.I. Bill, studying academic literature that will have absolutely zero impact on his future. He still dabbles in SOF as a reservist in the Air Force.

Sgt Zit, Chief Design Officer

- After returning from Iraq, Sergeant Zit was yearning for more chaos and conflict and so he decided going to college and partying his brains out was a close alternative. He soon found himself back behind enemy lines at UC Berkeley where he studied classic Greek rhetorical theory and argumentation. Today he remains in Silicon Valley where he works in technology and politics—all while stacking up HR complaints after his colleagues discovered he likes to shoot guns.

Jason Knott - Chief Technology Officer

- Technology geek is an understatement for Jason. He spends what free time he has tinkering with gadgets and programming. After his 4 years in the Marine Corps, Jason earned his Computer Science degree and spent a decade as an IT professional. He now runs a software company (one segment helps veteran businesses!) and loves every minute of it.

Michael Wargin - Accountant

- After stumbling into a recruiter’s office at the age of 18, Michael ended up joining our beloved Marine Corps. After Michael EAS’ed, he headed for college. After graduating with the wrong degree, he went back to get the right one. Now he is an Accounting guru and practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to keep his head straight.


- Jesse is a Reserve Lance Corporal and founder of the Untied Status Marin Crops social media page. If you’re not a millenial, you might not understand the humor. But trust us, he’s a national treasure.

Chris White - Chief Freedom Officer

- Chris is a Marine Corps Veteran who decided one day to ditch his life in Corporate America, and take his pale body to the ballpark, where he visually stunned Americans far and wide, wearing nothing but our Star Spangled Silkies, and a smile George Washington would be proud of. Chris spread the love of patriotism to Americans young and old as he sprinted like a gazelle being hunted through the outfield of a Major League Baseball Game. After Chris was bailed out of jail for his brave patriotic sacrifice, he continued his pursuit of spreading patriotism to our great nation, using humor through his company Freedom Hard.

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